The research of our group covers areas of systems control, estimation theory, fault detection and isolation, pattern recognition, etc. Area of implementation of these approaches is wide, so researchers have focused on their application in industrial systems, their reliability and safety, control process optimization and robustification.

Our members led the national and international projects that have been devoted to fault detection and isolation in thermal power plants, predictive maintenance of coal mills, as well as to the control of temperature distribution in thermal boilers.

Some technical solutions are already implemented in Serbian thermal power plants (effective algorithm for fault detection in steam separators, predictive maintenance for coal mills based on audio signals, control of coal feeders for regular temperature distribution in furnace).

The areas of industry in which signal processing and pattern recognition algorithms can be developed are vast and include process industry, automotive and aero industry and any other areas in which the reduction of maintenance cost is required as well as the increase in plant safety and productivity.
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