This research field is related to spatial components of sound recording and reproduction. It includes analysis of spatial aspects of the sound field using specific transducers, typically surrounded microphone array or compact spherical microphone array.

Development of the method for design of 1D and 2D linear phase digital FIR filters by applying different variants of Christoffel-Darboux formula for orthogonal (orthonormal) polynomials. The filters designed in this way are highly selective, and all parasitic effects are suppressed.

The application covers various areas including telecommunications, acoustics and audio, microwave technique, etc. different topics are covered including effects of sound transmission through human ear, coupling of earphones to human ear and artificial coupler, effects of equipment calibration to the results of hearing tests, development of new methods for hearing tests.

We explore development of system identification technique based on numerical solution of fractional (non-integer) order differential equations and orthogonal distance fitting which is applicable for arbitrary number of spatial dimensions.

Our researchers work on time and frequency domain analysis of the linear fractional-order systems. Possible applications are in modeling of multidimensional dynamical systems and signal processing.
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